Cactus – Monkey Tail


This cactus was unknown to the industry until recently and is one of the most sought- after cacti in the world. Stems are fully cascading and form masses of soft harmless spines as it ages. Red/orange flowers appear over warmer months.

Note: The photo represents a typical plant, plants are selected randomly from available stock and may vary. 

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Position - Full sun or partially shaded positions outdoors. Indoors only in sunny positions otherwise they will lose their nice shape and colour. Flowering will only occur in good light.

Watering - can be watered all year round but allow to dry in winter in colder climates for short periods.

Feeding - 50% of recommended dosage monthly in growing period. The less fertiliser, the better the shape of the plant. Fertilisers high in nitrogen can produce larger plants with less colour.

Repotting - Best in baskets; can be left to overgrow their pots, or repotted in the warmer months in almost any well drained potting mix.

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Sunset Dancer

Large size basket, overhang typically 20cm+ from top of pot