Dischidia Dragon Jade


Dischidia Dragon Jade

An exciting new cultivar with tight, compact, recurved leaves eventually creating an impressive cascading basket plant with stems of green, pearl-shaped leaves.

Note: The photo represents a typical plant, plants are selected randomly from available stock and may vary. 


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Flowers - Not known to flower.

Position - Partially shaded positions to keep tight compact growth habit. Leaves will be larger in more shade.

Temperature - Warm to tropical, must be undercover in colder areas and will need to be wintered indoors.

Water - Keep Drier in winter and moist in warmer months.

Fertiliser - Weak dose regularly in warmer months.

Repotting - Only when plant is well advanced in pot or mid-spring.

Additional information


standard size basket, overhang typically 10-20cm from top of pot


Large size basket, overhang typically 20cm+ from top of pot