011 – Hoya Cumingiana f. Santos


Hoya Cumingiana f. Santos

Originally acquired in 1982 as Santos X Cumingiana, this variety differs from the species by having smaller leaves, longer internodes and is more tolerant of colder areas.

Note: The photo represents a typical plant, plants are selected randomly from available stock and may vary. 



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Flowers - Up to 8mm across and 15mm long in bunches of 10 to 15 hanging from under the leaves.

Position - Full sun to partial shade, undercover in colder climates to protect from winter rains & frosts.

Temperature - Tolerant of most temperatures but must be kept dry and protected in frost zones or kept indoors.

Water - Keep drier in winter in colder climates and moist in warmer months. In tropical climates reduce watering in summer to promote more flowers.

Fertiliser - Weak dose regularly in warmer months

Repotting - Only when the plant is well advanced in pot or mid-spring to late summer. Growth is rapid so plants can be trimmed to shape when required or allowed to grow to any size.