Peperomia maculosa


Maculosa is a large Peperomia species that can create leaves up to 30cm long and 15cm across with ornate white patterning. They are best in larger pots. Hardy but slow growing.

Note: The photo represents a typical plant, plants are selected randomly from available stock and may vary. 


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Water - Water well if kept in pots but but sparingly in terrariums; potting mix should be allowed to feel almost dry on the surface before watering again. Keep on the dry side in winter.

Position - Keep in a bright well-lit area or provide artificial light.  Avoid heaters and draughty positions. Dead leaves must be removed to prevent damage to healthy growth.

Fertiliser  - Should only be used if you would like the plant to grow. Lack of fertiliser will keep plants shorter and more compact.

Temperatures - above 20 deg C will speed up growth, between 15 and 20 deg C growth will be extremely slow and plants can be pruned to keep compact. Long periods below 12 deg C may cause plants to rot.

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Sunset Dancer

Large size basket, overhang typically 20cm+ from top of pot