Philodendron atabapoense rooted cutting


Philodendron Atabapoense rooted cutting

Philodendron Atabapoense is a rare aroid that has long beautiful dark green leaves with large lobes. The leaves can get huge as they mature. This is hard to find Philodendron, so get it before they are completely sold out! Do not miss your chance to get this rare plant!

Note: The photo represents a typical plant, plants are selected randomly from available stock and may vary. 


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Philodendron Atabapoense

GROWTH - Trailing plant

LIGHT - Bright, indirect sunlight

WATER -  Moist well-drained soil. It does not like to be left to dry out, but avoid overwatering.

Additional information

Sunset Dancer

Large size basket, overhang typically 20cm+ from top of pot